Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Many Pieces Come Together

Pieces, pieces, everywhere!

I seem to find a wealth of pieces for quilting projects, or do they find me? Start digging in boxes and out they pop. Where exactly do they come from? Well, I do recognize some of the fabrics, so I know they are from my quilting past but others, when did they come into my hands?

In the spirit of our "make-do with what we have" pioneer forefathers (probably, foremothers is more accurate), I decided to see what I could do to put together a quilt top.

It's true, there is isn't much common ground between squares cut 4" and red and white 16 square blocks that measure 12-1/4".  Then it was a matter of adding spacers in to fit.

Do you like jig-saw puzzles? Then, this would be a perfect fit for you. 

I've found the key to the puzzle is to put together what goes together easily. Isn't this the way we start those jig-saw puzzles?  Then its a matter of adding more pieces until we get it all to fit.

Yes, here it is together, I have a sense of accomplishment and feel a close connection to past quilters. I've found this free-spirited "make-do" quilt really warms my heart.

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