Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two Things Learned from My Art Critics

This past week I've been learning valuable art lessons from two of my favorite art teachers. One has a vast five years of art expertise and the second is just in the beginner stage with just two years of knowledge. Both enlightened me with fresh inspiration and valuable critic.

The first thing I learned was that your art should tell a story. 

The artist should have a clear picture in his mind where he wants to go in his artwork. Here we are enjoying a party eating pepperoni pizza. Notice how happy we are as we celebrate the moment.

The subject matter, the pizza, claims the prestigious center of the drawing. And, we further draw attention to this important subject matter by leaning in and focusing our eyes on it.

The second thing that I learned was the importance of color.

Color should be used with wild abandon. Today the color was pink. Does it matter that we've never seen a pink dog before? Not at all. This is the artist's creative license freeing us from the constraints of real life. 

I will take these valuable lessons to heart and draw on them in my future work. 

Where have you learned your latest lessons?

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