Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Said I Would Never Do It Again

A few years ago, I had seen all the stippling I had ever wanted to see. As quilters learned to machine quilt, it seemed to be the most popular option. Or if quilters didn't want to or couldn't make a decision about the quilting, it became "just stipple it". (Most times they really meant just large meandering lines around the quilt.)

I said I would never stipple a quilt again. There were too many other options out there to try. I had just scratched the surface of all that could be done.

Today, I sat at my machine stippling, yes, stippling a section of my newest quilt. And, yes again, chewing on those words.

In this case, I felt it was the right thing to do. The quilting compressed this section highlighting some areas and adding a delightful texture to the light blue batik fabric.

Are you a fan of stippling or not? 

Have you ever fallen back and done a technique that you said you would not do again? 

Am I the only, lonely, one?

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