Monday, August 8, 2011

Small, Fast and Easy

Quilter's Tile - Butterflies
8" x 8"
Sharon V. Rotz

Under the guidance of my junior art critics, I used a piece of marbled fabric as a base for a drawing. By pressing the fabric to freezer paper, it becomes stiff enough to easily draw on it with a black Sharpie permanent marker.  There may be markers better suited to fabric but a Sharpie is in easy reach, draws well on fabric, and is perfect for a small, fun project.

With the marbled lines as inspiration, I let my imagination soar and drew free-style butterflies. I did do a bit of coloring with a fabric marker to highlight some areas. A colorful border made of scraps completed the edge. I layered and stitched the layers right sides together as I would a pillow. After turning, I closed the opening and machine quilted the piece. 

A small project that is fast and easy to complete encourages us to try new options. I previously just admired my marbled attempts but didn't use them.  Today, I pushed myself and had fun doing it. It will be easier tomorrow.

You can also see one of my Quilter's Tiles on The Art Quilt Blog. It is another small project starting with an original dyed fabric.  

Have a creative day.

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