Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's Good? What's Too Much?

I've added borders on my landscape quilt. I wanted to try "string" borders. I used a muslin base for each square (or rectangle) in the border. I stitched and flipped narrow strips until I completely covered the muslin. It was lots of fun because you get to play with an assortment of fabric and use up small scraps because, of course, we never want to throw anything away.

I felt it gives an abstract look to the edge of the quilt. Perhaps, you are looking through the leaves into a sheltered forest spot. But, does the abstract border claim your attention, drawing it away from the center of the quilt? Is it too much?


  1. I find the border to be distracting, specifically the dark brown strips that seem to be competing with your tree trunks.
    Linda E in AZ

  2. Could you carry some of the inside to the border - like the tops of the trees? Maybe a few of the trunks?

  3. Hmm...personally, I think I would like a quieter or more subdued or simpler border to lead me in. The quilt has a lot of beautiful variations to the fabrics and stitching, and the color and design is very calming and inviting--an invitation to take a walk in the woods. The border seems to prevent me from stepping into the scene--kind of like a fence and thick brush--I don't know where to go in. And I want to get to that place in the scene. Does that make sense?

  4. I like your Dancing Trees Evolving. It's a beautiful art quilt. The background seems to shimmer.

  5. I find this to be a masterful approach to a difficult composition. It is perfect, in my opinion.

  6. It is so interesting to hear such different comments. We all see things from varying viewpoints and that is why I love to share.


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