Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to Quilter Detention

There are rules. There are definite rules about how things are to be done. There are rules about the order of quilting a project. And, none of those rules state that you can quilt the borders before the center of the quilt.

Another rule broken ........and............ I'm off to quilter detention.
(When I think about it, I've probably spent a good deal of my life there.)

My story is this: I didn't feel like quilting the center.
I stitched along the dark strip dividing the center from the border. I then started on the center but was more excited about "smooshing" down the border to see how it would look when it was quilted. Since the quilt was stabilized with the stitching between the center and the border, would it really make a difference which got done first on this small project?

What do you think? How long do I sit in detention?

1 comment:

  1. Run, don't walk, out of quilter detention. It's your quilt. Quilt the area that looks like fun first! With your amazing skill you'll be able to handle the center when the time is right and maybe it will be looking like fun by then :-)!


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