Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More about Color

Uninhibited Growth
40" x 34"
Sharon V. Rotz

Complementary colors are those which are opposite each other on the color wheel. The use of a complementary color brings out the best in its opposite. We all recognize the power of red and green together. We've loved it forever as our favorite Christmas color combination.

Did you know that in the correct proportion, complementary colors balance each other and we then have a neutral? In "Uninhibited Growth", I made a vibrant border of red and green strips. These colors are fully saturated, nothing shy and retiring about them. Yet, they don't seem to dominate the quilt. Using equal amounts of red and green (their color balance point), they work to neutralize themselves.

Learning more about color is exciting and never ending.


  1. Love these bright colors and the floral patterns. The black is just the right touch, too. Great job Sharon!

  2. Playing with color and shape is so much fun.


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