Monday, September 27, 2010

Backup singers

As I gave my bright colors a second look, I realized that I had great choices but things were lacking. Imagine a football field and all the players are quarterbacks, or a stage filled only with lead singers. Yes, this is what I had.

This is how we usually make our choices. First, we pick our "star" fabric, but then we have to go further to pick our "back-up singers". These are fabrics which compliment our star without overshadowing it. Various patterns, tone on tone, graphic designs such as stripes, or small repeated dots add variety and interest to our color palette. We also have to choose a stage or a field of play, our background. Will it be warm, with underlying red or yellow tones? Will it be cool, soft blues or greens? Will it be neutral? Is there truly a neutral, even these have undertones?

So far, I have not deviated from my bright and saturated choices. Will I be overwhelmed?

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