Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Exploring color

I have always loved color and read everything I can about color relationships and color theory. Of course, reading about it isn't half as much fun as exploring and play with color and how spaces can change with the use of different colors. As I was digging in my pile of quilts, I came upon this table size three block quilt which was one of the first quilts I made. (No starting with a simple nine patch for me.)

I remember the block was from a Jinny Beyer book. It's machine pieced and hand quilted with puffy polyester batting. The reason I'm posting this quilt is because it really shows the difference color placement can make. Each of the three blocks is made from the same pieces, the only difference is the color of the pieces. I believe, the block was named "castle wall", and I can just see the sun hitting the top of the castle, spreading out to the corner turrets and then bathing the castle in full sunlight. (right to left)

When we look at red, it seems to advance and appear closer to us. Blue recedes and tends to separate. I just read it has to do with how our eye sees. To focus on red, our eye changes and becomes more convex and things are closer. To focus on blue, our eye flattens and things appear further away. Interesting, isn't it?

This coming Saturday, I will be giving a talk on color at the Madison Quilt Expo. Maybe I will see you there.

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