Thursday, February 25, 2010

You've Been Wallpapered

What can be done with an interesting collection of re-cycled/re-used parts? When you are a quiltmaker, the options are endless. This is creativity at its best.

In addition my previously mentioned collection, I've added one more thing. When I was visiting my friend Mary, she was in the midst of removing dated wallpaper from her hallway. We started coming up with wild ideas for the re-use of wallpaper. In the end, I couldn't stop myself from coming home with a piece, with the challenge of using it on a quilt. (The wallpaper was heavy with threads running through it, quite substantial.)

Here it is, Mary! Your wallpaper has become the background for my re-cycled quilt project.

To this, I've added the embellished foil candy wrapper, the cuffs from the silk shirt and, of course, the matching buttons. The leather jacket donated its sleeve and buttons. An abandon shoe lace completed the picture. (And not seen, a used linen dish towel became the quilt back.)

What a fun project! What have you tried lately?

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