Monday, February 22, 2010

It was meant to be

There it was! As I was paging through an old issue of Quilting Arts, the caption read "Using Gold Chocolate Wrappers". In an article by Elli Woodsford entitled "Getting into Hot Water", she used foil candy wrappers in her technique.

O.K. so I didn't follow her instructions very well, but I did come up with a way to incorporate the wrappers from my delicious Dove candy bar into a quilting project.

Gee, does that mean from now on I could buy chocolate and see it as a business deduction? How could this get any better?

Anyway, I sandwiched the wrapper, which I crinkled a bit to get more texture, between a layer of sheer netting and a stabilizer. Then I took it to my machine and free motioned circles through the layers. What a great look!

Now where will this take me?

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