Monday, February 1, 2010

Quilting the design

As I said yesterday, I can make multiples of my quilting design by stacking papers and stitching through thread-less. Not only do I now have the needed copies of the design but the perforations on the copies make it easier to later remove the paper from the top of my quilt.

As you can see, the tracing paper is thin enough that I can center the design on my block. I then pin in place and quilt on the perforated lines. I do have to remove the paper later but the design is easy to see, quick to quilt, and I don't have to remove marking lines from my quilt top.

Life is a trade-off, but we are always looking for the option that is easiest and most satisfying for our needs.


  1. Sharon do you draw your own patterns, or are they from a book??

  2. Often, I do draw my own patterns but the pattern shown here is from "60 Machine Quilting Patterns" by Pat Holly and Sue Nickels. It was the correct size and fit the style of the quilt, so it was an easy choice.


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