Saturday, February 6, 2010

What do you think?

Should I have left off the red flanges on the redwork blocks? Should I have made the quilt square instead of going for a more unusual shape? (See Friday's blog for the photo with the flanges.)

When laying out the blocks and stitching them together, I felt there should be more red to emphasize the outline of the redwork blocks. A solid border didn't seem like the best solution. Ever exploring the options, I came up with the red flanges. I liked the more dramatic shape, so I finished it that way.

Did I wander off? Or did I come up with a more interesting quilt? You be the judge.


  1. I like the red flanges. Definitely more interesting and it does bring more attention to the flowers. But what do I know anyways? I'm just the daughter-in-law of a quilter:-)

  2. You don't have to make it to decide what you like or dislike. You are expressing your thoughts each day as you purchase (or just admire) clothing, home decor or artwork.
    Not underestimate your good judgment!

  3. I vote to keep the flanges. They add interest, contain the white space, and keep your eye from falling off the edge. Nice contrast between the scrappy, wacky pieced blocks and the more traditional redwork. Nice job!


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