Friday, March 1, 2013

Stitched with Love

First, they were nothing but squares of fabric cut from various remnants of excess fabric.

Then these blocks came together into repeated patterns or

scrappy quilt tops stitched with love by warm-hearted quilters.

The pile of partially assembled quilts grew and grew ready to be tied with strings of warm wishes.

 I love the days I spend with my dedicated group of Undercover Quilters, who generously use  a bit of their time and talent to share with others.

Our group works mainly undercover, as the name implies, but I caught a couple of them as they tied their way across a quilt top. It's truly a miracle how the fabric donations multiple and new quilt tops keep appearing.

These quilts have helped both people in the community and have been sent off to other countries. They have found their way to tornado victims, pregnancy shelters, nursing homes, hospitals, women's shelters, Habitat for Humanity homes and other locations.

Quilters are, indeed, generous and loving people. How do you share your time and talents?


  1. How wonderful. Isn't it great what women can accomplish? My quilt group has donated quilts the same as yours - women's shelters, pregnancy centers, Habitat for Humanity, nursing homes, etc.

  2. Woman have be donating their handiwork for centuries. The world is held together by needles and threads.

  3. Cheryl and all of you other generous quilters, keep up the good work.
    Judy, your comment was right on the button. Well said!

  4. I love Judy's comment. the world is held together by needles and threads. Our guild makes comfort quilts, I'm afraid I'm a little lax, I get about one a year done. I'm overdue. Your group is inspirational.


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