Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Caws for Tuesday's Tile

Quilter's Tile - Crow
8" x 8"
©2013 - Sharon V. Rotz

This week I combined ideas and fabric scraps that I used for one of my challenge pieces. 

Based on a drawing from my sketchbook, this was an inspiration for one of my secret challenge pieces. One crow flew off and was ready for a new landing spot and a new quilt started taking shape.

After piecing a narrow strip of brown into this background fabric, the background was slashed on an angle. 
Really, what can be thrown away? What scrap is too small to work its way into another quilt?

The background is getting more interesting.

Yes, a bit of border that was trimmed from last week's tile popped in there, too. 

This provided the perfect background for my crow.

I wanted to add some writing to the tile and practiced on a scrap of paper. 

Oops, when placed on a light table I could read all of the writing on the opposite side of the paper.
I guess there is a time and place to break out a crisp new sheet of paper.

After tracing the word "crow", I placed the fabric on a piece of sandpaper to keep the fabric in place and filled in the letters with a textile marker.

I added small notes about crows with a Pigma micron pen.

For the binding, a fabric strip was hand-cut and stitched on irregularly to create an uneven binding. I don't know if this worked, or it merely looked like a poorly executed binding.  

What do you think?

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