Friday, March 8, 2013

And the Race is On.................

I am finishing the quilting on my star quilt. I am also near the end of my spool of quilting thread. Will I have enough to finish? Will I run out before the stitches are all completed?

Now, I am obsessed. I must stitch as fast as I can before I run out. Logically, I know my speed will have no effect on the outcome. But logic doesn't seem to matter.

The Race is On.

What will I do if, or when, I run out of thread. Will I scurry off to the store to buy another spool of matching hand quilting thread? Or will I complete the project with other thread knowing that I am at the point in my quilting life that I seldom hand quilt and probably will never again need the new spool?

The mind races as do the fingers.  See you at the end of my spool.


  1. Oh how well I know that feeling. I say "Make Do". It's just a quilt. :-)

  2. Good comment, Gayle. Sometimes we get way too serious about our quilts!


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