Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reflecting on Tuesday's Tiles

Quilter's Tile - Serging Added
8" x 8"
©Sharon V. Rotz

Today was a good day to reflect on previous tiles to review what I have learned from them and perhaps provide new direction for future projects.

One of my very first tiles included serged cord. (Again, using my serger as a quilting tool as I have mentioned in my previous post.)

Quilter's Tile - Looking at a New Age
8" x 8"
©Sharon V. Rotz

I think this is my favorite Quilter's Tile. Did I hit on colors that grabbed me?

Is it combination of fabrics and paint?

Or is it the variety of shapes, textures and stitches?

Quilter's Tile - Undergrowth
8" x 8"
©Sharon V. Rotz

This tile reflects the freedom of improvisational piecing which I continue to explore. Adding hand embroidery also keeps popping up. Is it the joy of holding needle and thread or the texture that each tiny stitch brings to the completed project?

Quilter's Tile - Purple Tree
8" x 8"
©Sharon V. Rotz

It's been exciting to try new techniques or those which I haven't visited for a while.

This tile uses a heavier thread placed in the bobbin and stitched from the reverse side.  Color is added with a purple colored pencil.

These small tiles are a wonderful place to try different ideas for bindings. Here a cord is stitched to the inner edge of the binding.

Quilter's Tile - Falling Leaves
8" x 8"
 ©Sharon V. Rotz

Continuing on with binding ideas, the binding for Falling Leaves uses two fabrics.

The tile is made from fabric stamped with a hand made stamp and fabric paints. The tree is fused on using a sheer fabric and the project is free-motion machine quilted.

What a wealth of ideas are used in these small tiles! Exploring on a small scale can quickly give us the needed background for our large artworks. 

What have you explored today?

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