Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday's Tile - A Fishy Rescue

Quilter's Tile - A Fishy Rescue
8" x 8"
@2012 Sharon V. Rotz

This past week, I took a workshop with Darcy Lanz-Sage, an expert at fabric dying. We had the chance to try many different dying and printing techniques and I came home with wonderful fabrics to add to my collection.

This piece left a little to be desired. We were discharging color with a bleach gel and I think I got carried away. In my enthusiasm, I may not have been listening to the instructions. (It's been known to happen.)

But I'm always up for a quilt rescue so I didn't throw away this piece. I could see what could be interpreted as a fish skeleton.

With some hand embroidery stitches, my fish came to life.

I added a stitch that I previously tried and thought would work well as underwater vegetation. Just because it is called the "wheatear stitch" doesn't mean it couldn't breath "under the surface".

I added those fun, fun french knots at the top and bottom. And my rescue is complete.

Here's looking at you!

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