Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday's Tile - Sashing Gone Astray

Quilter's Tile - Sashing Gone Astray
8" x 8"
©2012 Sharon V. Rotz

Today, I thought I would combine two techniques for using smaller pieces of fabric: paper piecing and string piecing. Both of these techniques are easily done using a foundation and both of these techniques will work well for making an interesting sashing in my newest quilter's tile.

I started with a sketch that I drew on paper. Already, I could see that the sashing strips between my 16 squares were a little aggressive. All those teeth were eating away at my squares. Yes, my project was beginning to go astray as the sashing strips began to take over.   

But, as they say, "What will be, will be!" 

I traced the pattern onto tracing paper that works well for paper piecing foundations. Here, I have begun to cut the foundations apart to use for my piecing. The 16 plain squares will become templates for cutting out the squares. Since all of the foundations will be used on the wrong side of the fabric, I also have to remember to place these templates on the wrong side of the fabric to cut my squares.

Here several of the pieces are cut, (some complete with string piecing) and laid in position on my original sketch.

Oh my, these pieces are quite small! 

The beauty of paper piecing is that despite the small size, I can achieve accuracy and perfect points.

As I started to stitch the pieces together,

I couldn't resist a look at the right side. Then, back to the wrong side and completion of the piecing.

Yes, the sashing has taken over and the 16 gallant, but misshaped squares are pushed to the background.  A new identity has emerged.

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