Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Tile

In a previous post, I decided to hand embroider this quilter's tile that has pink stones fused on. Since hand embroidery can be very relaxing, I am slowly making this a summer long project. Just a little something to do in quiet moments. 

This is a stitch that I tried for the first time. It's called the vandyke stitch. I had a bit of trouble getting started but I gently unthreaded my stitches until I figured it out.

So much simpler, just straight stitches, the long and short of it.

A buttonhole (blanket) stitch looks more elegant with a second row of stitches between the first, each row in a different color floss.

The cable chain stitch was fun to do. I worked until my thread ran out.

I still have a few stones to fill. I'll continue on another day.

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