Friday, June 22, 2012

What Charms You?

Thirteen's a Charm
56" x 80"
©2008 Sharon V. Rotz

Do your quilts make you happy? Do you have a favorite quilt that puts a smile on your face every time you looks at it?

I have to admit that "Thirteen's a Charm" is one of my favorites. This quilt has woven itself around my heart and continues to brighten each day. I love the intermixing of bright colors and lively patterns.

It is made by serging fabric strips together in sets.  By stitching with the fabrics wrong sides together instead of the normal method of right sides together, the serged seams will be on the outside of the quilt top adding extra detail to the quilt.

The pieced strips are cut into triangles and then pieced with triangles cut from the various fabrics.

This project and other serged quilts can be found in my book Serge and Merge Quilts.

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