Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday's Tile - White on white

Quilter's Tile - White on White
8" x 8"
©2011 Sharon V. Rotz

Floating on a cloud
Peaceful, gentle breeze

This week's project is one that enabled me to enjoy the gentle art of hand stitching. Everything here was done with a hand needle, a spool of thread and a bit of heavier pearl cotton thread. 

Also, my color muse was on vacation and I only used white muslin. This was a stretch but I do like the result.

I had the opportunity to play with yo-yos, different sizes, shapes and applications. Some were appliqued around the edge, and some were attached just at the center. 

To make a yo-yo, a row of hand stitching is done on the edge of the circle.

The thread is pulled to gather.

The yo-yo is complete with the gathering centered.

The fun begins as you change where the gathering is located.

As these off-centered yo-yos are placed, the fabric starts to balloon. Therefore, the large ones were furrowed, a method where the ballooning fabric is tacked to make a lovely, textured surface.


  1. This tile is just beautiful - it reminds me of moon jellyfish floating in an ocean!

  2. Miles from the ocean, this sound very romantic.


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