Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lullaby or a March?

As you can see, I'm back to quilting my broken star quilt. All the stitches that I took out are back in. It was easier the second time and I made doubly sure that I checked the back of my quilt to see that the stitch tension was fine. In fact, I checked several times.

See..... a lesson learned, well..... truthfully........., re-learned.

I enjoy seeing my quilt take on its personality. Before I started, it was just a flat surface, granted, a rather nice flat surface, but it was definitely lacking charm. The quilting adds so much to a quilt. It's when a quilt really comes into its own.

Will the quilt's personality become a soft, soothing lullaby or will it speak with the crisp, sharp notes of a high stepping march? Today, my quilt is bringing forth its voice with smooth curves, highlighted with wonderful puffs and flatten spaces.

My sewing machine is calling. It's back to stitching.

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