Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's Right in Front of my Nose

"We See, They See", detail
Sharon V. Rotz

It's not picking out the pattern. It's not choosing the colors. It's not selecting the fabrics. Ask any quilter and they will tell you, one of the hardest decisions they make is determining how to quilt their project.

Should there be feathers, should there be swirls, crosshatching, stitching in the ditch, or the old stand-by, meandering across the entire quilt? Or should I by-pass the whole decision by dropping it in the hands of my machine quilter?

I love to look to my fabrics for the quilting solution. In this case, my fabric is shouting and I just have to see "what's right in front of my nose".

My background fabric has quilting tracks just waiting for my needle to follow.  I may have to adapt slightly as I go but the clue that my fabric holds is pointing me the direction that I need to go. The look of angles and cracked surface will be perfect for the background of my crane.

Today, look at your fabric and see what quilting clues may be revealed.

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