Thursday, June 23, 2011

Right Side, Wrong Side, Which Side?

When it comes to using solid fabrics, batiks, and hand-dyed treasures in a quilt, we often can't tell the right side from the wrong side of the fabric. And, does it even matter?

As I was sewing on my latest project, I started to wonder about it. Clearly as I pieced these three strips of fabric together, it didn't seem to matter in the least if I used one side of the black or the other. The green batik also looked the same on both sides. In this case, if I had both of my seams on the same side of the fabrics I couldn't possibly mess this up.

But then I started piecing the next section of my project.

Daydreaming as usual, I started picking up pieces to stitch together. Was this the right side of the batik, or the wrong side? Of course, with only half of my brain engaged in this project and the other half  flitting around, would I make the correct choice? Probably not.

Something clicked at the last moment and I double-checked by re-laying out my pieces. It was then that I grabbed a chalk pencil and marked the backs of my pieces with a arrow pointing to the top of each piece.

Now I am safe, wrong sides are identified and so are the tops. Back to daydreaming. Maybe it will stop raining.

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