Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Thread Storage Ideas

 After I blogged about thread, Sonia sent me her storage solutions. She has certainly conquered the problem in her studio and I wanted to share her ideas with you.

"My favorite way to store and select thread is to lay them (color in view) in a shallow drawer or covered plastic tray.  However, I now, too, have a variety of types of thread although I do not have an embroidery module for any of my machines.  (I make up for that with decoratiave stitching.)  I have two "racks" that I lightly varnished before I sorted my thread spools (by color) on them, one rack for cotton specialties (varigated, quilting), and the other for what used to be "cotton covered polyester" or ordinary sewing thread.  Then I have trays or shallow drawers for other varieties of thread for variety of uses, each type with its own tray or drawer.  I keep my serging thread in a small plastic dresser with shallow drawers with the serger tools in their own drawer. 
What trips my crazies, is when there are loose threads dangling and getting tangled, especially from bobbins.  Then its nuts to try to find the bobbin that "matches" a specific spool. To solve these problems, I ordered white plastic bobbin holders that would fit on a spool of like color, and wrap the bobbin with either a mini pony-tail thing-a-ma-bob (beauty department) or a half round pink plastic bobbin "wrap" that keeps the thread from wandering."

Sonia K.

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