Saturday, May 21, 2011

Held Together with a Washer or Two

24" x 40"
Sharon V. Rotz

Today, I am again looking at the details that add to life and energy to a project. In "Dappled", I strayed away from one large piece of fabric and divided the composition into small parts. These small parts were then stitched together to form the completed piece.

I thought of connecting the sections with beads, a more common choice, but felt that I wanted to go with something more substantial. Off to the hardware store I went and came home with metal washers. I used these washers stitched on with black perle cotton thread to join sections of my quilt.

Other quilt sections were joined with narrow strips of leather that I sewed to the fabric and then tied. 

I think the unusual elements add interest to my project so I am happy with the result. I like the open areas that allow the light (or wall surface) to come through.

Have you tried any unusual elements in your projects? Were you happy with the effect?


  1. Sharon, love the quilt!!! I had to laugh when I saw the blue fabric with the black dots. Boy that is an oldie! I used that fabric back in 1994 when I made a dinosaur quilt for my daughter. She is graduating from college on June 3. Boy where did the time go? I you want to see the dino quilt it is at:

    I still love those fabrics and have a small pack of left over pieces that I will certainly put into some quilt some day.

    Thanks for sharing..I always enjoy looking at your beautiful quilts and reading your blog.

  2. I meant to say "If you want to see the dinosaur quilt"...not I want you to see it...sorry.

  3. Yes, You caught me using the "only Oldie" in my stash.........
    Oldies become newbies when they are re-discovered.

  4. Beautiful work Sharon! I love the use of metal and other unexpected object in a quilt. Wonderful colors.

  5. I love this quilt and the innovative use of hardware! Awesome Sharon!


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