Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Quilt Details

Roadside Cattails 
60" x 36"
Sharon V. Rotz

The quilting does give wonderful effects to our projects as I have mentioned in a previous post. But in some projects we are drawn in for a a closer look by the details of the fabrics we have chosen. The overall composition of Roadside Cattails is quite simple, one horizontal line cut by three vertical lines.

What adds complexity and interest to this simple design is the use of multiple fabrics. The horizontal line is a made up of numerous browns with different patterns and colors. The background also brings together shades and tones, patterns and textures to stimulate our imagination.

Likewise, the vertical strips are not a solid fabric but string pieced sections of browns and more browns.

Adding complexity and interest can be done is a variety of ways. How have you added the "pull-me-in-factor" to your quilts?

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