Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FVTC Sewing and Quilting Expo Workshop

In the Friday workshop class "Simply Leafy 2", we explored our sergers and the challenges of using different serger stitches to create a serged quilt project.

We used both the flatlock stitch and the more common overlock stitch as the students created a decorative background and appliqued leaves and stems.

"Simply Leafy 2" is one of the projects from my newest book "Serge and Merge Quilts". In this book, I took up the challenge of using my serger as a quilting tool. It is filled with quilting projects that incorporate the three most common serging stitches; the overlock, the flatlock, and the rolled edge, into creative, traditional and contemporary art quilts.

Look for "Serge and Merge Quilts" at your favorite quilt shop or you can contact me for an autographed copy.

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