Monday, March 1, 2010

Fusible batting

Things went quite well using Fusi-boo cotton/bamboo fusible batting. I used it on a project that was 3' x 5'. I did lay out the quilt backing, batting and top as I usually do. I put some pins in to keep things together. I then took it to my ironing surface and steamed it according to the package directions.

Since my quilt had multiple narrow lines, I tried to really make sure I was keep my lines straight as I pressed the layers together. As I quilted, I was impressed that things stayed straight. As I got near the end, my layers did seem to have come apart, so I took my quilt back to the iron and re-fused the edges.

I will use the fusible batting again. I'm thinking of those quilt tops with a lot of bias that want to stretch and pull as I stitch. This could be a wonderful solution for a frustration-free quilting experience.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for this! I am so curious about Fusi-Boo and am thinking about using it for a quilt (a large quilt for a bed, though, and I wonder how warm it is). Did it gum up your needle? Did you wash your project after?


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