Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dancing Trees

Quilter's Tile - Dancing Trees
8" x 8"
Sharon V. Rotz

Some days you don't know where your path may lead.

I had stamped on a printed fabric with both a hand made stamp and some basic texture. The variety  presented by the stamping piqued my interest.
After adding a hand dyed fabric to two sides, I brought out my needle and embroidery floss. The simple lines created by the stamp suggested curving tree trunks and the idea bloomed in my mind.

Maybe it's the long winter but the trees are so happy to not be covered with snow, they seem to be dancing with joy.

Flowers poked up along the winding pathway. (I do love making french knots.) 

Color, color, anything but white.

Quilter's Tile - "Dancing Trees" is available for purchase.
$32.00 includes shipping (US sales only)


  1. Oh this one is especially wonderful.......great job!

  2. This whole idea of little postcard quilts is intriguing...I love the handiwork.


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