Friday, February 28, 2014

Working Small

What could these two unrelated fabrics possibly have in common?

It turns out that they both contributed to my latest project. 

As my hands were busy fringing the edges of the circles for one project, my mind was also busy. Look at the growing pile of silk threads. Should they simply be discarded, the logical choice, or could I find a use for them?

A piece of scenic printed fabric (similar to the first photo) provided a resting place for the threads.

I trapped them under a netting and added a bit of machine quilting and a good amount of hand stitching.

I also trapped wool roving on the mountain tops to give them a misty look and added more embroidery stitches.

My favorite french knots were added to the bottom for a bit of extra detail.

My completed mountain mini measures 7" x 9".


  1. What fun you are having! Very nice landscape :-)

  2. the details are wonderful. Come in close, closer, closer, wow!
    LeeAnna Paylor

  3. Love the landscape with the detail.


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