Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I am Conquerer!

Some days you are just in the mood to sew.... 
just for the pleasure of stitching pieces of fabric together. 
Today was a day like that.

Without a quilt design in mind, it was the perfect day to have fun conquering the scrap bag. 
My, there was quite a pile of fabric stuffed in that bag!

I began pulling out fabric strips. Who needs to buy jelly rolls of fabric strips? 
I was amazed at how many strips were stuffed into my bag.

Stitched and pressed, they went from trash to treasure.

I stayed with the brown color theme. 
(That does seem amazing to me, as I can't wait for the colors of spring after this long winter.)

I started to put together some larger pieces, re-cut the strip sets and add them in.

There is still no definite plan as to what I may do with the pieces I've made. Today, it doesn't seem to matter. It is the joy of stitching that drives me on. 

Isn't this fun?

Do you have any suggestions for my pieced sections? 

(If nothing else, the mess is conquered and it will be easier to fold and store.)  


  1. Hi, Sharon. I just love this kind of play--aren't scrap bags wonderful? Your blocks are lovely. I'd say, slice them with some diagonal cuts and sew them back together to see what happens...Have fun, whatever you decide to do!
    best, nadia

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Nadia. So many options!

  3. I like using this made up fabric in vests. with some fancy piecing mixed in, a row of flying geese, Seminole piecing, or a paper pieced star as a focal point. Colors are great, it should be done in time for fall.


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