Friday, July 13, 2012

Tuesday's Tile on Friday??

Quilter's Tile - Fireworks
8" x 8"
©2012 - Sharon V. Rotz

Apparently, I have been bitten by the lazy days of summer and the days are slipping by unnoticed. Tuesday has come and gone.

But, I can come back. I am here again.

I was disappointed with my fireworks. They looked more like red palm trees than any fireworks I have enjoyed. (Not that I've seen any red palm trees.)

So I can either throw out my tile, (remember these small pieces are a place for play and practice) or I can make changes to it.

Maybe a bit of paint???

Blue added, now a bit of white.

Looking a bit more like fireworks.........

A white accent on the corners finishes it off.

If you are disappointed with your latest project, maybe it's because you are just not done yet.

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