Friday, July 6, 2012

Teach a Child to Sew

The Bed Skirt

When our 7 year old granddaughter came to visit, she wanted to make a bed skirt to match the quilt that I had made for her. 

First, we had to go fabric shopping. It was hard to pass up the watermelon fabric, the peace signs, and the cupcake fabric. We really liked the pink plaid and the blue patchwork. But, Grandma said we had to find a fabric that would match our yellow dragonfly quilt.  We finally made our choice.

To avoid cutting with sharp tools, we learned the fine art of ripping fabric.

We pulled and 

we pulled, ripping and ripping until we reached the other end.

We did have to deal with a few stray threads.

We laid out our fabric strips, one for each side of the three sides of the bed skirt. We used the selvedge to our advantage instead of making a bottom hem.

We had the opportunity to use the sewing machine to hem the sides. A zigzag stitch helped catch more fabric when our stitches went a little off course.

We used a piece of blue tape to help guide our fabric through the machine.

Our new bed skirt ready to take home and add to our bed. 

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