Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday's Tile - Off Balance

Quilter's Tile - Off Balance
8" x 8"
©2012 - Sharon V. Rotz

It started with a piece of chenille fabric I made long ago. It intrigued me, I pondered. What I could do with it? 

The chenille was made from 5 layers of fabric stitched together diagonally and then stashed down to the bottom layer. A wash and tumble dry plumps the slashed layers.

 What I kept stumbling over was the fact that the design was off balance. If the plaid used as the top layer were only centered, then I knew I could use it. We do like things to line up, don't we?

Determined to stay with it and not put it aside another time, I found a narrow piece of felted wool and three small doilies.

I arranged them over the chenille and stitched them on. No plan in mind, just playing, covering up the off balance chenille design. Oh, maybe this will work after all.

I added some decorative cord to areas.

A simple edge finish seemed appropriate, so I zigzagged over a strand of yarn. This didn't do it. It was not heavy enough to cover the edge and too many threads were poking out. A second row of stitching around the edge didn't help. What else could I do?

I chose to stitch another strand of yarn butted against the first.

This helped to cover the edge better and gave the edge the visual weight that it needed.

Mission completed!

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