Friday, December 31, 2010

Can Your Studio Be Too Clean?

Ah, my life is starting to get back to normal.

In preparation for Christmas, I vigorously worked to clean my quilting studio. I love to have multiple projects going but, yes, sometimes the mess takes over. So I cleaned and organized and put fabric away. I piled all my quilting magazines in one place (and I hoped the floor didn't cave in.)

My studio was pretty near spotless and looked fabulous if you like a big empty room. But...that is where the problem came in. It was blank and when I walked in to start working, my mind also went blank. A perfect room, no ideas...... Too clean, no direction, no project pulling me in.

Fortunately, my husband needed a storage box and I had the perfect one half full of fabric. I dumped it out and offered him the box. Perfect for him, perfect for me. As I walked back into my studio and saw a pile of fabric, ideas started to flow again. Happy Day.

Moral of story: Cleaning can be dangerous to your health. Your inspirational health, that is.

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