Saturday, December 11, 2010

What I (Re)-learned in my Daily Quilting

No, no, never, never. This is not a good plan. Knock my over the head with a bolt of fabric the next time I decide to bind anything with 1" strips.

I was running short of fabric, nothing new there. I always think I can make a quilt out of a fat quarter. I didn't plan to use the black as the binding so, of course, there wasn't enough. That's how the 1" strips came about.

I used my Clover bias tape maker to fold lovely binding strips. Mentally, it seems mathematically correct to cut 1" strips to make a 1/4" binding. But we all know, they are just too narrow to wrap around the edge. But now I've committed myself to making it work.

After tugging and pulling and admonishing myself, I got the strips around the edge and zigzagged on. I don't normally zigzag binding, but then, these were placemats and will be washed often.

Never again, lesson re-learned.

Ha, ha, joke's on me: I just found more black fabric.


  1. "Ha, ha, joke's on me: I just found more black fabric."

    Oh. My. Goodness. ::thunk head on table:: I just hate it when that happens. ::sigh:: My sincere condolences!

    I hear ya on the 'not enough fabric' for binding dilemma. Since they are placemats (or, heck, even a quilt!), have you ever tried sewing a strip set of the fabrics used in the top and using your "created fabric" for the binding? If you make bias out of it, you'll get a lovely diagonal stripe for the binding. I've done this quite a few times and love the look of it. And since you've used the fabrics already in the top, it's a custom-made match! :-)

  2. Great idea. Yes, I have heard of that good suggestion but I was half way around the first placemat when other options occurred to me. I guess I was more interested in getting done than getting creative.

    There are times we need to balance our "normal brilliance" with stupidity. lol


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