Friday, April 16, 2010

Hanging Rods

The project of making hanging rods has so far been - well...... a project. But now that I have my wood, it will just be a few simple swipes of the brush and I will have the rods sealed and I will be back to my quilting.

After carrying things outside (to work in a well ventilated space) and to enjoy the beautiful spring day, I am set. Oops, forgot the paint can opener. Another trip. Maybe I should have a cloth or rag. Another trip. I'm thinking - it's all good exercise!

I open the can of sealer. Oh my, it appears there is a longevity issue going on here. If you don't use the product for a while, it forms a 'rubber' coating on the remainder of the sealer. Not a problem, I'll just use my stirring stick to push threw it.

Forgot the stirring stick, another trip. Hm... it appears that if you haven't used the product for a really long time, that coating becomes very thick. My stirring stick isn't working. Not wanting to make another trip - enough with the exercise-- I attack it with my paint can opener.

This finally does the trick but not without taking off the skin of my knuckle on the edge of the paint can. Another trip into the house to try to stop the bleeding. A little sympathy from my helper, and I am back to the job.
On goes my rubber glove to turn and handle the wet board, and I am sealing away. I'm feeling a little sticky and look down to see my glove is disintegrating (only the finger tips, mind you) and my fingers are gluing to the board. Apparently, rubber gloves covered with sealer also have an issue with longevity.

The end of the story is that I have persisted and finished the job, but next time just pass me the hammer and I am nailing those quilts right to the wall. Job done!

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