Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From Inspiration to Completion 2

Fabrics for Capturing the Sun
2010 Sharon V. Rotz

Choosing the colors and fabrics is always a high point of working on a project. This is the magical moment for me. What choices will fulfill my mental picture? Or will I change that mental picture based on a fabric that I have found?

For this project, I chose an over-dyed print created by my friend, Suzanne, for the background. I love the graphics of the print and how this will play against the leaves I will put on it. The leaves will be made from other fabrics in my collection. The green was also dyed by Suzanne and the yellow/red/purple is a fabulous piece of silk hand-dyed by Frieda Anderson. Who needs to be able to dye their own fabric when they have friends who do such a marvelous job?

At times, it takes a minute to cut into a luscious fabric. It has to be admired for its beauty. Then the scissors call and with a few snips it becomes a new creation.

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