Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting ready for a Lecture

On April 26, I will have the opportunity to speak to the Mad City Quilt Guild in Madison, WI. I love being able to share my quilts and quilting experiences with others.

As I am preparing for my lecture, I am starting to hear rumbles from my closet. I hear the gentle sounds for sliding and a few bumps in the background. You see, my quilts are all inching their way closer, slyly jockeying for position. They are each trying to cover the nearest competitor.

Why is this all going on? Because, of course, each of my quilts wants to be selected and taken along on a new adventure. They each want to show off their finest for a room full of quilters. They want to be held up. They want to be admired. They want to be examined. They want to be questioned.

Yes, and at the end of the evening, they are so puffed up with pride, they never fit back into my suitcases!


  1. Beautiful quilt. Which I could go to your lecture. Hopefully I'll have a chance in the near future at another location (maybe So. Cal?)


  2. Hmmm... Southern California, love to. Could we make this on some cold day in January?


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