Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rod Pocket Added, Label On, Finished

I've been finding more and more reasons to avoid finishing my quilt "Where Is Cornelia?" My latest thought was to add some of the swirly fabric to the edges of the design. So I've been busy cutting sections of the fabric and placing them around the quilt. (Keeping in mind that I still wanted to use this limited fabric for the binding, I had to be a bit careful not to cut it up completely.)

This was the final decision. Fusible adhesive was added to the back of the pieces. They were re-trimmed to clean up the edges and fused in place.  

The piece was quilted and the binding added. 
Or so I thought.  

Hm.......Maybe a few beads added to the edge?

A pair of under-loved earrings was sacrificed and dismantled. The color was too good to pass up.

NOW, I done!

Rod pocket added. Label on.

it is available for purchase on my website.


  1. Hi Sharon,
    I've just popped over from the art blog where you also share your work. Congratulations on finishing this piece. I can see why you wanted to make the binding fabric part of the design. It works well. You have also met one of your goals for this year - to finish!! That is a goal I should truly also adopt. My others are to enter Quilt competitions and to complete 101 free motion quilting designs. I also like your goal to explore new art materials. I look forward to seeing your other finished projects
    Hilary Florence

  2. Thank you, Hilary. Good luck on your goal of completing 101 quilting designs, we can never stop learning.

  3. Hi....popped in and love this piece. I like the addition of the beads at the very end too. Nice to meet you and now I will follow you as well!


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