Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stepping Up

I've been taking some steps to meet my goals for 2014. They may be baby steps, but even baby steps will add up if I keep with it.

I did get the new needle into my machine. By the way, my machine was happy, happy, happy especially after I used my old needle to repair snow pants. (Yes, it was a big fat minus degrees again today, -16 degrees, I believe,)

And I cleaned my machine. 
It always pays to have quality tools. 
I can't believe with all of my better brushes, this one is still around.

This shelf certainly deserved make-over. 

Even tiny improvements brighten my day.

When cleaning the shelf I found (surprise) a small wall quilt, "Where Is Cornelia?" that wasn't finished. 

Now, I am having fun trying something new. I am adding color to the background with colored pencils.

This could open up new doors for exploring future quilting projects.

Oh yes, about that unquilted top.... well, I did buy a quilt batt. That was a positive step.

Now, back to those colored pencils.

If you are interested in making your own version of 
it is available for purchase on my website.

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