Friday, October 25, 2013

Toast vs. Quilting

Yes, it seems a simple slice of toast has stolen my day.

I just wanted a slice of toast so I went to the freezer to take out some bread.  On the way, I saw the bag of apples that we brought home the other day. An apple would be a happy meal time addition. As I looked at the apples, I could see that some were getting soft so I decided to peel them for applesauce.  As the sauce cooked, I ate a little and then started to clean up the kitchen. The apple peels needed to be composted so on went the outside jacket and shoes. On the way back into the house, I passed my parsley that grew so well all summer and I planned to bring in for the winter.  There it was on top of a pile of old towels that needed to be washed. After the parsley was in the house, I went back for the towels and started the washer. The floor was sandy from coming in and out so I got out the vacuum. As I plugged it in, I noticed the heat vents needed vacuuming so I started on them and as long as I had the attachment on, I also vacuumed the mini blinds in the bedroom. Then back to the floor, why stop at the hall. In the living room, I remembered last evening as I was searching for my lost needle in the couch, I found popcorn under the cushions. (I have no idea how that happened!) I may as well clean that up now. After chasing the vacuum around the house, I got back to the kitchen where I finished up those last few dishes.

Well, now I have my computer on. What should I write about today?    Hm............. all the sewing that I got done today?

Wait the washer just stopped, I'll be right back..........

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