Thursday, October 17, 2013

Still Sitting on the Edge

Sharon V. Rotz

While I was reviewing older quilts and thinking about quilt edges, this quilt stuck out as another of my favorites.

One of the little details that added to the total quilt was the curving edge. Again, this may only be a small thing but it softened what would have been a harsh line and adds to the total effect of a wavy, watery theme.

The binding was traditionally done. The strips were cut on the bias for more flexibility going around the curve. 

Easily accomplished, I have to remember this for my future quilts.

What exciting edges are surrounding your quilts?


  1. Love the colors and the edge finish! Such a graphic piece.

  2. I do like your edge on that quilt. Lately, I've been couching my edges with knobby wool yarns. The yarns vary widely in their widths so they provide interest as they go around the quilt. And I use two different colors on each quilt. Sometimes, I twist the yarns together as I couch them and sometimes I first couch one on the edge and then couch the next one just inside the outer one.

  3. Great edge treatment, the frogs are pretty cute also.

  4. Love the whole thing... fantastic colors on the whole piece.

  5. I had so much fun making this piece and thinking of my little frogs with their "Trill and Peep" show. Since this piece was sold, I'm certainly thinking of making another similar artwork.

  6. That is amazing! Please do tell about total construction!

  7. The peepers and other elements were fused on and the quilt was machine quilted.


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