Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tile - In Progress

My quilter's tile for this week is a work in progress.

I once had the opportunity to be part of a group art exhibit in Madison, WI with Lisa Binkley and two other fiber artists. I fell in love with Lisa's exquisite beaded work and the idea to try more beading has been floating around in my head since then.

I have numerous packages of beads, some were from the bodice of my daughter's wedding gown which I hand beaded. Some of the beads were from craft projects and others were collected for projects that never materialized.  They are not all quality beads but I have them on hand and they will certainly be good for a first attempt at "extreme" beading.

I thought it would be easier to start with a design, jumping over the hurdle of creating my own. I had a small piece of indigo dyed fabric which I find very interesting so my plan is to embellish this with beads.

Working with the beads that I have, all those wedding dress pearls, and basically very little background knowledge, I am on my way. This will be my relaxing project, hand work that I can do (or not) as I watch a television movie.

I am enjoying stitching on each little bead, feeling the shape and watching it add life to my fabric. This project is not to be hurried so you will have to wait another week to see more.

Smile as you think of me this week, chasing those little run-away beads across the floor.

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