Friday, December 30, 2011

Reflecting on 2011

Climbing Roses combines several techniques including string piecing, serged three dimensional flowers, and a flounced edge. 
I was thinking back on 2011 and the quilts I have worked on this past year. While I can think of several of them, others slip from my memory. Do you keep a listing of all of your projects? Or, perhaps you have been working on one that consumed all of your quilting time for the entire year.

Lizard Tails drew the most attention.
A few years ago, I decided to keep a notebook of my projects. The purpose was to document when I started, what fabrics, techniques, etc. that I used. This was a trial for me because I am much more of a doer than a documenter. With some projects, I made excellent notes and others just happened and were out the door before I even thought about noting them. This year, I will again resolve to do a better job of keeping notes.

My serged pillows put a smile on my face every time I look at them.  I love the bright colors and combination of fabrics.

What were the quilts that I most enjoyed making this past year? Which one did I learn the most from? Was it a technique that I learned or perfected (well, hardly perfected, maybe got a little better at)? Was it the creativity that hooked me in? Which project was the most fun making? Was there one that I enjoy using daily? Were there quilts that gave me great joy in giving away?

I'm happiest about all of the quilts our Undercover Quilters group made and donated this year.
Where did your quilting life take you this past year? What joy did it bring into your life?


  1. This year was a great year for me; I was commissioned to make a quilt for the very first time, which was so exciting! I took a class at Quilt University, and learned how to "see" things differently - there, I made a really neat little art quilt. And most importantly, I made a quilt as a gift for my bf's daughter, for her 21st birthday. Earlier in the year, we had quite a falling out, and my hope was that this quilt would act as a band aid, and a bridge to better times, which it did..

    I'm so looking forward to growing as a quilter and a crafter this year - and wish you all the best in your journey as well.. Looking forward to seeing what inspires you!

  2. Happy New Year Sharon. I can see how keeping notes would be a challenge. I'm always ready to dive into the next project once I finish what I'm working on. I like this idea though. It would be a good way to review your work when preparing for a lecture.


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