Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Putting blocks together

I've decided to drop the block and add a spacer block at the top of the second row. Instead of making a large quilt with this block (that will come later) I'm going to only use the three blocks I have already completed. 

What can I do now? To balance the larger section on the left, I need to add to the right side. Also, to repeat the three squares in the spacer block, I think I'll add more squares to the bottom right.

What would happen if I just added free floating squares? Obviously, my three blocks are not going to make a bed quilt. This quilt will never be used to keep me warm so I can have fun with the shape.

More of the spacer squares in different border colors will add unity in a free-spirited way. These I will not bind but finish by stitching with the right sides together (batting included) and turning.

When stitching on top of the batting, it seems to work the best to stitch in the same direction. Rather than stitching around the piece, I stitched down both sides and then across the bottom. If there is any stretching in the batting, I am pushing it all in the same direction and there will be less twisting in my final piece.

It's important to trim as much of the batting  as possible away from the stitched edge to avoid a bulky edge.

The  best scissors I have for doing this are not my best scissors but a pair with a rounded tip that doesn't catch in the batting.

When the trimming is done, turn the piece to the right side and press. Obviously, in this case, the quilting will be done after the edge is finished.

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