Friday, July 15, 2011

Developing Personality

Now that I'm starting to add the quilting stitches, my project is developing it's personality. It is coming to life. I love to see the spirit of the quilt start to emerge as I work.

I've chosen to ignore the blocks entirely and quilt curving lines trailing across the entire top. I could have made many different thread choices for the quilting but found a perfect thread in my thread collection. How often does that happen?

This variegated thread picks up the colors of the fabrics, two of my favorite colors, chartreuse green and bright orange. (Probably why I couldn't resist purchasing the thread in the first place.) 

There are quilts where I have blended the thread so only the relief of the quilting shows. Today, both the thread color and the hills and valleys of the quilted areas will shine.

I hope you will come back again and see the progress as I continue my quilt journey.


  1. I love the thread you're using. What brand is it?

  2. The thread is Signature cotton machine quilting thread, 40 wt.


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