Monday, July 18, 2011

Please, Do Not Touch

Please Do Not Touch.

How often have we been to quilt shows or exhibits and seen these words? Of course, it is meant to keep dirty little finger prints off precious handcrafted treasures.

But it is because of the very tactile nature of quilts that we are attracted to them. We love the feel of fabric and adore the relief of the quilting as it adds highlights and shadows to our work. Painters work hard to re-create that very look in their artwork.

As I was adding french knots (or more specifically, candlewicking knots) to my quilt, I found myself unconsciously rubbing my hand across the knots. I was so enjoying the texture I was creating.

I love color and fabric design so I usually feel connected to my quilting through sight. Today, I am connected to my work through the sense of touch.

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